Bellegums Bruin (Flanders Oud)

I picked up this bottle a few weeks ago and have since gone through two more trying to figure it out.  11oz bottle hit me about $5 or so at my local beer store.  Brewed at the Brouwerij Bockor in Belgium with a 5.5% ABV.

This Oud pours a dark ruby/cherry and looks and smells a lot like cherry coke.  Other aromas are cranberry, tart cherry, and light vinegar. Similar smell and funkiness to Duchesse de Bourgogne.  Poured a decent amount of head that stuck around briefly.  Smelled some malts in there, but lost on the taste.

Taste was again similar to Duchesse, but with a bit more sharpness/tinniness to it every once in awhile.  Typical Oud flavors of raisins and other dark fruits.  For someone not accustomed to sours but interested in diving in, this is a good starter beer.

I like this beer. Like it. Serve it to me and I’ll drink it. Offer it to me for $5 and I’d gladly pay it, but it’s a bit mild for my rapidly-escalating appetite for more exotic and wild sours.  I’m also learning that of the two main Belgian sour styles, I prefer Flemish Reds to Flemish Browns (AKA Ouds.)



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