Ben Nephew Interview

Ben Nephew is considered one of the Kings of (b)east coast trail running and racing. Over his 17+ year career, he has or held multiple FKTs on some iconic trails and has over 110 MUT results on UltraSignup The vast majority of those are for outright wins.

Professionally, Ben is a Ph.D scientist who studies stress physiology on humans. If you’re looking for answers from a knowledgeable runner, grab a pen and take notes. In this interview, we cover:

  • The best way to acclimatize to altitude…from a scientific perspective.
  • How the USATF MUT Council is improving.
  • How to set your calendar for a busy year.
  • How being a coxswain helped him prepare for endurance running.
  • Cross training with kids.
  • What he think he needs to do to get one of his FKTs back.
  • Doping and what real steps need to be taken.
  • Navigating the gnarly terrain on east coast trails.
Ben Nephew
Ben Nephew floating above the gnar in New England.

Ben Nephew Episode Notes

Here’s Ben’s coaching and sponsor website.

Here’s the video from Manitou’s Revenge from 2014.

Interested in being a sighted guide? Click over here and get connected with a runner in your area. I can’t recommend this enough, folks: Help out others while doing what you love doing…it’s pretty simple.

Outro music by Pat Reagan‘s (now defunct) band The Long Goners.

ben nephew
Jayson Robidoux, Sablle Sheppmann, Kyle Robidoux, Eric Schranz.

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