Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp Review

I’ve said it a million times: I prefer my gear simple, clutter free, and able to do what it’s designed to do every time.  Good value (not “cheap”) is always a welcomed bonus, and the Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp satisfies all these needs.

Black Diamond Sprinter

As someone who runs early in the morning a few times each week, I’ve been happy with the performance of the Sprinter headlamp from Black Diamond.  Because battery life and re-charging ability is so important in endurance sports, I decided to really hold off on this review until I’d worn it and charged it literally hundreds of times over a six month period. Here’s what I found.



  • 130 lumens, perfect for me. I don’t like to have the entire night lit up, but I want to be safe. This satisfies both. If you prefer less light (and more battery life), hold down the single button and the light will dim to your liking.
  • Weight: 3.7 oz.  I don’t ever notice it’s there.
  • Battery life: It advertises six hours on high, but mine is still getting about 8 hours, even after using for six months.  While on a dimmer mode, this thing will last for more than a day, though I’m not sure why you’d ever need that.
  • Price: At about $70, it’s very reasonable.

Black Diamond Sprinter


  • Balance. With the small battery pack on the rear, this unit is perfectly balanced on my head and with the “overhead” strap, it never slips or bobbles.  I’ll note that I’ve got a massive noggin and the straps still fit well, not like a yarmulka as some do.
  • Light is clean and clear, making tricky trails runnable in the dead of night.
  • I’ve become a huge fan of USB-charged units.  Regardless of where I keep my gear, my kids will find my gizmos, take them into a dark closet, turn them on, and leave them to run dry.  With USB they’re easy (and free!) to recharge.
  • Takes a serious beating. Between my kids and I, we’ve put this through some extreme scenarios and it’s still doing fine.
  • Price is right.  The idea of spending $150 on a headlamp is crazy to me.
  • Rear red flashing red light is nice while running on roads. With the push of a button, it can be turned off (in case you’re running in the front of a group and don’t want the annoyance of the light in their faces.)
  • Super light.



  • The clip that holds the overhead strap to the front of the unit can come loose if you’re taking the Sprinter on and off, and that can be frustrating.
  • It’s USB charged, and some people prefer batteries, as it’s impossible to charge at an aid station.


This is recommended for runners who want one lamp for both road and trail.  For those looking for an inexpensive and dependable light with basic features, I highly recommend the Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp.  It’s not recommended for those looking for dozens of options or a lamp with “smart” technology.

Read and Buy

Find out more on the Black Diamond site, and consider purchasing via this Amazon affiliate link for the Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp.

Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp

Disclaimer: This lamp was provided to me by Black Diamond (though it was 6 months ago and they probably forgot) for review and testing purposes. All words and thoughts are my own.

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