Bob Shebest | Everyone Has a Plan Until it Falls Apart

Bob Shebest lined up for Western States this year in prime shape. He’d put in solid training with a high mileage block timed just right. He’d podiumed at other races in the past year and had specific experience racing from Squaw to Auburn before. He had a quality race plan that he’d thought through a million times. This would be a big day.

Bob Shebest Western States
Looking good!

And it was all going well during the race. Feeling good, joking with other runners, hitting his splits about as expected. Bob breezed through Foresthill (mile 62) ready to turn on the jets and execute his race plan to the Placeer High track in Auburn.

Bob Shebest
Social Media approves: Bob’s day was going well.

And unfortunately, this is about where the fun ended and where he started showing tremendous grit and tenacity. Throwing up for hours, sleeping, threatening to quit the race. Many of us have been to this dark spot before, and while many of remove the bib and call it a day, many of us–including Bob on Saturday–persevere and learn lessons.

Bob Shebest
And one of Bob’s less than shining moments.

Bob Shebest Episode Notes

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Outro music by David Rosales

Bob Shebest

Things Mentioned:

The AltoLab altitude simulator.

BUFF arm sleeves that keep Bob’s body temp down. Stay tuned for a fun giveaway!

The Castle Peak 100k. Beautiful trails with top notch organization.

Two books by Ryan Holiday:  The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph and Ego Is the Enemy. (Affiliate links to Amazon. Make a purchase, and it’ll drop a few nickels into the URP bucket. Thanks for the consideration.)

Super Chavez Market in Ukiah.

Gear talk with Ben

Be sure to check out Ben’s review of the Suunto 9 at the end of the interview. Geared towards ultramarathon runners and endurance athletes, Ben dives deep into the new functions and functionality of the most recent  offering from Suunto.

Connect with Bob Shebest:

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