Bob Shebest – Staying Engaged on the Trails

Bob Shebest Interview

Fresh off his win at Canyons 100k, Bob Shebest (Hoka ONE ONE) joins me to talk about one thing he did differently at this race–he ran without his GPS watch.  We talk a length about staying engaged on the trails and focusing on the moment, rather than the data.

Bob Shebest
Bob Shebest at Canyons 100k turnaround. Pic by Adrian.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The process of training and running versus just running.
  • The “muddy water” analogy and how it can help you in your next race.
  • The PEDs that Bob is most fond of using.  Wait, what?
  • Your mood and intuition during a race and the need to “change the channel” when negativity starts creeping in.
  • How he really felt about his Spring races and his quest for the elusive Western States Endurance Run Golden Ticket.
  • What he thought about the Mackey/Collins brouhaha that had him thrust into a conversation he didn’t want a part of.
  • What his insane race calendar for the year is looking like.
Bob SHebest
Bob Shebest. Pic by Gary Want.

Bob Shebest Episode Sponsor


Whisper Alpine Meadows 50k.  Directed by Gary Robbins and crew with the Coast Mountain Trail Series.

Saturday, September 23 in Whisler, British Columbia.


Bob Shebest Episode Notes

Here’s our original interview with Bob.  Definitely a fun listen to…Bob’s a superb guest.

Here’s Bob’s blog

Here’s the site for Matt Flaherty’s music. Please feel free to email him there to request new music.

Here’s the site to Target Release Recovery. I’ll be hosting a giveaway over at my Patreon page where you can support my work. Thanks everyone!

bob she best
Bob Shebest, Canyons 100k, 2017. Pic by Scotty Sandow



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