Brian Morrison Interview – Ten Years Later

Brian Morrison Interview

Ten years ago, Brian Morrison staggered across the finish line in Auburn, the first to do so at the iconic Western States Endurance Run.  Only problem is, he’d been assisted by his pacer Scott Jurek and the Board disqualified him for not completing the race under his own power.

brian morrison
Brian Morrison in front of his Fleet Feet store in Seattle.

Over the years, I’ve heard various versions of the story—how long he’d been out for, what his medical situation was in the ER, and who blamed who for what—so it was nice to hear it from Brian’s mouth.

In the decade since, the fateful day in June has haunted him every day, and in three weeks time, he’ll have a chance to get the gorilla off his back. Is he ready? How important is it? What’ll he do differently to ensure he crosses that finish line in one piece?

Brian is also the owner of the Fleet Feet store in Seattle, and Ethan and I chat with him about what it’s like owning a specialty retailer, hurdles he faces, what sells, and why some products do better than others.

Brian Morrison Episode Notes:

Brian Morrison The North Face

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UPDATE: I was mistaken.  Brian was not officially disqualified from the race. According to Western States, he was considered a DNF at Robie Point, and his splits are reflected on this sheet, line 213.

Watch this: The video of Brian crossing the finish line. 

AJW’s interview with Brian last year after Cascade Crest.

Ben is pacing Brian at Western States this year. Here’s our interview with him from last year.

Broken Arrow Sky Race competitors list.

Here’s Brian’s Fleet Feet store in Seattle.

The best song every written. We’re still waiting on Brian’s answer.

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