Brittany Peterson | Golden Ticket Time!

Easier this month, Brittany Peterson lined up at Bandera 100k in Texas in hopes of earning a Golden Ticket to Western States Endurance Run. Just less than nine and a half hours later she stood on a podium with a ticket to The Big Dance.

Brittany Peterson
Brittany Peterson challenges TSA to do the right thing.

In this interview, we talk about her Skyrunning experience and her leg speed–not a common combination–and how that will translate to both Lake Sonoma 50 and Western States.

Brittany also shares her unique relationship with the race. She’s dating Cody Lind and coached by his dad Paul Lind, who’s the son of the original Medical Director at WS100, Dr. Bob Lind. She’s spent a lot of time on the course and is primed and ready for June.

Brittany peterson
Brittany Peterson and Cody Lind

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Brittany Peterson Episode Notes

Brittany Peterson joins us to talk about her recent Golden Ticket win at Bandera, how she'll use her technical skills at The Big Dance, and her unique relationship with the race.
Brittany Peterson at Way Too Cool 2018. Pic by Eric Schranz/URP.

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