Bruery Mischief (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

A Belgian from Orange County, California? Placentia, at that? Really?

Yeah. Hell yeah.  This beer surprised me. Pours a gorgeous dirty orange with a monster head, this beer demands a tulip glass to accommodate the foam.

Bananas, grapefruit, some funky yeast, seasonal spices with a good trace of alcohol and a ton of carbonation, this is a killer West Coast take on a Belgian classic. There are traces of hops, but nothing, NOTHING, like the overly hoppy beers we’re dealing with now. This beer was about balance, and it was highly drinkable.  I can’t imagine someone not loving this beer.

I’d never heard of the Bruery or had any of their other brews, but after this ($8 for a 650mL), I’ll definitely add them to my list of “must tries.”


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