Buff Lineup Review – Offering A Lot More Than Headwraps

Overview of the Current Lineup from Buff

I think when most people think of Buff they rightfully think of well, a Buff (i.e., the multifunctional piece of headwear or what some would call a headwrap). The brand name is so catchy, or is it that the product is good?, that many of us have genericized the trademark and we call every headwrap a Buff now – that’s some staying power! Well, Buff makes a lot more than just Buffs now – and that’s a good thing. Read on to find out more about some of only a few of their standout products from the current lineup.

The Original Buff – still as good as ever

I’ll try to be as succinct as possible. After all, you’ve probably got more running you can do today!

Standout Products

  • UV Buff. 12+ ways to wear it – and that’s just on your head! I wear one of these on every run as a headband and often take 1-2 extra to long runs or races to wear as sweatbands or as neckwarmers. As a headband they catch any and all sweat from dripping in to my eyes and on really hot days they are a tool to soak in water for an evaporative cooling effect. Huge temperature range here from down to about 40F in high aerobic activities up to as hot as it gets.
  • Thermonet Buff. Made from Primaloft that is claimed to be four times warmer than the microfiber used in the Original Buff this new headwrap really packs a punch! It’s not much thicker than a traditional Buff and definitely warmer. I think most folks could use this in place of other headwear down to about the mid 20s or even colder depending on your tolerances. This is a great addition to the lineup. (Note: I see Buff now makes a Thermonet hat as well – very cool!)

The Thermonet Buff

  • Polar Reversible Buff. Made with Polartec microfleece this baby is warm. This is my neck-warmer and/or face-warmer go-to in the winter for temps down to 0F. Due to the thickness and length I wouldn’t advise using it in place of a proper winter hat but you easily could if needed.

The Polar Reversible Buff

  • Buff Pack Run Cap. Buff makes caps! And really good ones as well. This thing is super stretchy and packable. With how easy it is to throw in a pocket you can take it anywhere, all the time.

The Pack Run Cap

  • Buff Pack Trek Cap. This cap fits my big head much better than the Pack Run Cap. Just as packable as the Pack Run Cap with the added benefit of having a slightly wider and longer bill for added sun or rain protection.
  • Buff Pro Run Cap. This cap fits big heads as well. A traditional running cap with a neat feature – a two-position set of slots built-in the sides to securely hold your sunglasses.

From L to R: Pack Run Cap, Pack Trek Cap, Pro Run Cap

  • Buff Merino Wool Hats. Buff makes three different weights of merino wool hats: lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight. If I had to pick a favorite I would say it’s the midweight for its versatility. The temperature range here is pretty vast as well which is appreciated. Simple, cleanly designed, and made from one of the best technical fabrics available today that insulates when it gets sweaty or wet. Love these hats.

From L to R: Lightweight Merino Wool Hat, Midweight Merino Wool Hat

  • Buff UV Arm Sleeves. Not really any different than many other UV arm sleeves available today but they are nice and thin with cool designs. Again, simple works here.

UV Arm Sleeves

Suggestions for Improvement

  • A higher crown / taller version of the Pack Run Cap. The bucket in this cap is just not quite deep enough for those of us with gigantic, watermelon-sized heads.
  • Replace the velcro closure on the Pack Trek Cap with the same adjustable, elastic cord on the Pack Run Cap. The elastic cord is easier to adjust with one hand on the fly and keeps the hat in place better.

Purchasing Information

If you’re interested in purchasing Buff products, please first check availability at your local, independently owned running specialty store. They need your business and are a great resource for the community.

If that’s not an option, please consider using sites like Running Warehouse (Buff’s lineup). Thank You!

Meet Your Reviewer: Ben Zuehlsdorf

I am an avid running gear junkie. When I’m not smelling new shoes I’m usually running or racing around the local trails in Marin County, California or talking shop with the San Francisco Running Company community of friends. I was once a road marathoner but now have transitioned almost exclusively to the trails and racing ultras the last few years.

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