Buried Hatchet Stout


This stout pours a dark dark brown with a moderate size tan head. Not very oatmealy, but thinner looking ale.  Some stouts have a bubbling couldron-like head to them. This one did not.


This is a great smelling beer. Obvious roasted malts, toffee, coffee, chocolate, and some dark nuts, though they’re all balanced well, smelling like a beer rather than a piece of candy.  I did detect a slight melted plastic smell which was strange.


Taste largely follows the nose with a nice dark roasted coffee tongue that turns slightly sweet.  Light to moderate mouthfeel answers the light bubble appearance.  Not a thick stout, but not too viscous.  If they went a bit more robust, no one would complain.   The burning plastic smell on the nose carried through to the taste as well, though very slightly.

Infocan side

Brewed by Southern Star Brewery in Conroe, Texas.  I’m not familiar with this brewery, but looking at their Valkyrie DIPA makes me want to learn more.

12oz can at 8.25% ABV

Price? No idea, though I’d gladly pay $3-4 for a can.

This beer was sent to me by listeners Aaron and Matt from Texas who thought that my domestic tastes needed to stray farther than strictly California beers.  They have a point. Thanks again, fellas!


This was a great tasting stout from a brewery I wasn’t familiar with.  Though I’m used to a thicker beer for this style, the quality malts and straightforward brewing made up for it’s lightness. I can’t wait to try more from this brewery and would gladly drink it again.

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