Buzzerkeley Sparkling Ale


GRID roller photobomb.
GRID roller photobomb.

I was expecting a shimmery and bubbly champagne-like beer. Instead, this poured more like a hazy apple juice with a fairly insignificant head.  No real bubbles.


Brewed by CaliCraft Brewing in Walnut Creek, California.

The style is labeled as an “Ale”, but that’s a stretch. This is in a style of its own.


I paid $11 for a 750mL bottle at my local beer store and the clerk told me that this stuff is “flying off the shelf” to which I retorted…”So are Miley Cyrus CDs.”


Yeasty and spicy like a saison. Hmm, interesting. Biscuit, definite lemon, some of the minerally aspects apparent in an ouze. Interesting.


Hmph. Very dry. Not very complex. Not very good at first–quite abrasive–but as the drink went on, the Belgian flavors and champagne yeast came out and it ended up being tolerable. My wife shared the bottle with me and felt the same.


A lot less interesting than I was expecting. Seems like an interesting idea that was executed with not much skill.  If this was a $5 bottle, I’d be OK, but at $11, I’ll pass next time.

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