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Alek Simpson | Running Ultramarathons with Narcolepsy

Alek Simpson has narcolepsy and cataplexy, two disorders that wouldn’t seem to help his ultramarathon running. Hear him talk about the symptoms, the treatments, and how he’s managing to make it all work. Also, stick around for some NATHAN and HOKA gear talk with Ben Zuehlsdorf.

Noah Brautigam Interview

Noah Brautigam is a Salomon sponsored trail and ultra runner who started life as a xc skier and instructor in Vermont who …

Nicole Monette

Nicole Monette Interview

Nicole Monette started running competitively in high school and moved to ultramarathons a few years ago. She won Yeti 100 in 2020 …

Austin Bogina Interview

Austin Bogina is an Olympic Trials Qualifier in the Marathon, a member of the USA 50k team, and a Ph.D candidate in …