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Sarah Biehl

Sarah Biehl Interview

Sarah Biehl ran track and XC in both high school and college, ran an Olympics Trials Qualifying marathon, then set her eyes on her first ultramarathon. With guidance from friends in the ultra world, she ran an impressive 5th place, but most importantly, had a great time and smiled the …

Anna Frost

Anna Frost 2020

Anna Frost joins me to talk about role models, sponsors, kids, paddleboards, guiding, and more. Also, new shoe reviews from Lydia!

Pam Reed

Pam Reed Interview

Pam Reed has run ninety six 100 milers and finished 50+ Ironman triathlons. She’s set the record for 24 hours on the …

Ellie Pell

Ellie Pell | Trails and Trials

Ellie Pell has had success in trail ultras and recently ran in the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta. How’d it go, and what’s next for this native New Yorker?