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Steeltown Runner Interview

For those who use Twitter to get their ultramarathon and trail news, you’re likely familiar with SteeltownRunner. He adds to conversations with civil, salient, and smart commentary about some of the obscure races, records, and athletes from our sport. Behind the online moniker is Paul, a guy originally from Pennsylvania …

Jessica Hewitt: Mojo Lost and Found

Jessica Hewitt joins me to talk about how she lost her trail running mojo, and what steps she took to get it back. Great follow up to her recent post in Trail Sisters.

Chase Parnell | Taking Big Steps Towards his Best Life

Two weeks ago he stopped drinking, quit his job, and started a website about ultra trail running, parenthood, and the outdoors. Many of us wish we could take that proverbial jump…Chase Parnell and Nikki did it and are living it right now. Here’s there story.