CEP Compression Socks Review

Overview of CEP Compression Socks:

CEP compression socks have been around for some time now. While CEP has greatly expanded their product lines in recent years I still think of them as a compression sock company first. They have continued to improve their compression socks and the three models reviewed here are no exception. Are compression socks something you should consider if you are not using them today? If you are wearing other branded compression socks are CEP’s socks a worthy alternative? Read on to find out!

From left to right: CEP Dynamic+ Run Ultralight Short Socks, CEP Progressive+ Nighttech Compression Socks, CEP Recovery+ Socks

Additional Details

CEP has a dizzying array of compression socks to choose from these days. A simple search and filter for ‘men’s’ and ‘socks’ on their website returns 32 results – wow! While I would debate the need for 32 pairs of compression socks I appreciate how they try to differentiate the socks by use case. Today we’ll look at the following three socks:

  1. CEP Dynamic+ Run Ultralight Short Socks: a ‘short’ length of their ultra-light fabric combinations yet with maximum compression
  2. CEP Progressive+ Nighttech Compression Socks: their ever popular full-length, maximum compression Run 2.0 sock with the addition of reflective dots for safety
  3. CEP Recovery+ Socks: a full-length, compression sock targeted at pre or post training activities and everyday wear

According to CEP all socks feature:

  • Seamless toe box or extra-flat toe seam prevents pressure points
  • Each sock is manually inspected multiple times
  • Extreme durability thanks to the use of filament fibers
  • Outstanding workmanship, Made in Germany
  • Custom measurements for optimum compression
  • Permanent heat and moisture management
  • Antibacterial, odor-reducing properties
  • Anatomical foot padding

What’s good?

  • Comfortable without being too compressive: CEP compression socks are some of the most comfortable compression socks I’ve ever owned, period. CEP has found the sweet spot in terms of how compression should work with their ‘Goldilocks’ socks. Their socks are neither too loose nor too restrictive – they are just right.
  • The Dynamic+ Run Ultralight short socks are a winner: CEP claims the materials used in the ultralight line is approximately 30% lighter than that used in the Run 2.0 socks. Having run in the last version of the ‘short’ sock (which used the 2.0 material combination) I can attest to enjoying the ultralight sock much more. It breathes better and dries faster compared to the 2.0 materials and I dig that. Bravo CEP!

I really like the CEP Dynamic+ Run Ultralight Short Socks and find myself reaching for them often before heading out on runs

  • Versatility: while I’m not sold on the benefits of wearing full-length compression socks or sleeves during training I know many people enjoy wearing them and/or believe in the claimed benefits of a “reduction in muscle vibrations”, “maximum stability for muscles and joints to help prevent injuries”, etc. (and please, if scientific studies have now confirmed compression during activity is beneficial I would love to know about it). What’s great about the CEP socks is that they work equally well during training or as a recovery tool and I dig that.
  • The value. This comment deserves clarification because the full-length CEP compression socks are not cheap. They range in price from $50.00 – $65.00 (MSRP). However, due to the wide range of socks available and the continual evolution of their line, you can often find their socks for less than the MSRP. Investing in one pair of solid, full-length compression socks for recovery, travel, etc. is a wise investment in my opinion.
  • Durability: the compression holds up surprisingly well over time and I’ve not noticed any loss of compression despite repeated use. Also, I have a pair of the ‘Progressive 2.0’ socks from 18 months ago now and they are holding up perfectly as well.

What could be improved?

  • Is the Recovery+ sock needed? I couldn’t find nearly as much information about the published level of compression on the Recovery+ sock compared to the Nighttech (or 2.0) socks. Is it the same and simply marketed as a “recovery” sock despite being $15 less? Is it more or less compressive and that is the reason for the different price points? Based on feel it seems to be nearly identical to the Nighttech (or 2.0) socks so I’d argue having a specific sock for recovery is kind of pointless since you can use the Nighttech socks equally well both during training and for recovery after (or maybe the smarter thing to do is wear the recovery sock for training?!)

Should you purchase?

So, the $22.50 (Dynamic+ Run Ultralight), $50.00 (Recovery+), or $65.00 (Progressive+ Nighttech) question – should you purchase CEP socks?

In a word, yes. I think CEP makes some of the best, if not the best, compression socks available today. My caveats are that:

  • I don’t see the need for the Recovery+ sock. I would buy a single pair of running-specific full-length CEP compression socks and use them for training and/or recovery.
  • While having not worn the full-length Progressive+ Ultralight socks and only the ‘short’ version I would choose these. They have the same amount of compression as the Nighttech (and 2.0) socks in a lighter, more breathable material. Paying an extra $5 for the reflective properties of the heavier Nighttech sock is not worth it I believe. I think you are better off buying a flashing LED light you can clip to any article of clothing to be seen at night.

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