Chase Parnell | Taking Big Steps Towards his Best Life

Chase Parnell was working an attorney job that was eating his soul, drinking too much, and not spending quality time with his family. He yearned for more trail time, more time with his two young kids, and simply wanted to live his best life with his wife Nikki.

Two weeks ago he stopped drinking, quit his job, and started a website about ultra trail running, parenthood, and the outdoors. Many of us wish we could take that proverbial jump…Chase and Nikki did it and are living it right now. Here’s their story.

Chase Parnell and Nikki Parnell

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Chase Parnell Episode Notes:

Here’s Chase and Nikki’s website Treeline Journal.

I erroneously attributed a tweet to Tim Tollefson at the end of the episode. It was actually posted by Scott Fauble right here. My mistake and apologies.

Here’s the Wookie Kim interview I referenced about surviving HACE and changing his lifestyle.

And here’s David Ayala’s interview where we talk about Bridger Ridge Run.

Here’s the Lagunitas Hop Refresher and here’s the THC-infused version.

Intro music by David Rosales. Outro music by AJ LeGrand.

Chase Parnell

Gear Chat with Ben:

In our talk, Ben discussed the following products. Disclaimer: We recieved the first four items on a review basis with zero editorial expectations or payment. Ben purchase the Patagonia jacket with his own money.

Chae Parnell and his son.

Connect with Treeline Journal:

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