Chris Jones | Six 100 Milers in One Summer, Wild Fires, Military, and the Rest of Life

Chris Jones has had a busy summer. Aside from helping to raise his newborn daughter, he’s also served in the National Guard, fought wild fires, raced nearly every weekend and managed to squeeze in six mountainous hundred milers around the country.

Chris Jones
Western States Mug Shot

Did Sarah and I want to get him on the phone to hear about what he learned? Of course! We asked him questions about the logistics of getting into, planning, preparing, training, running, and recovering from his busy race schedule, along with finding out more about serving in the Army in South Korea, fighting wild fires in his hometown, and dealing with a bleeding ulcer in his esophagus. Whaaa?

Chris jones
Chris, Chelsea, and baby Skye

I took a lot away from this interview, especially the relaxed and unaffected way Chris looked at all of these adventures and accomplishments on his table. He didn’t freak out once, and that’s certainly a trait that helps us in races.

Chris jones
AC100 Chris Jones and Ace Ewing



Chris Jones Episode Notes

Chris mentioned the AltoLab altitude simulator. Here’s more info.

Here’s the TOPO Athletics shoes I was talking about.

Here’s more on the grand slam of ultrarunning.

Here’s the google doc of the 100 milers I referenced.

Here’s Sarah’s site.

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