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Chris Mocko Interview

A road runner just a few years ago, Chris Mocko burst onto the MUT scene last year with a top ten finish at Western States Endurance Run, then followed it up with a string of top performances this year.  

Since January, he’s finished 2nd at Way Too Cool, 1st at the Marin Ultra Challenge, won the Behind the Rocks 50 in Moab, 3rd at Lake Sonoma, then this past weekend, Mocko traveled to his native Virginia where he won UROC 100k and walked away with some cash.


During this time, Chris Mocko publicly quit his job in Silicon Valley and made the decision to pursue life a full time ultrarunner.  In this interview, we discuss:

  • What he’s doing to land a sponsorship deal.
  • What his current workouts look like.
  • How his attitude towards food and diet has changed since college.
  • What role a prize purse plays in his racing–especially when the competitors are friends.
  • Why he’s more deserving of a lube contact than Jim Walmsley. (Funny answer!)
  • His title sponsor as of this week and what other type of other companies he’s interested in working with.  Is his target Salomon? North Face? Hoka?  
  • The logistics of “winning your weight in wine” at a marathon.

chris mocko

We also talk about recovery and how to get back to training safely after a race.  With Western States and UTMB on the horizon this summer, Chris is admittedly running the fine line between injury and success and has plans in place to make it work. In this interview, he details his recovery practices and discusses their importance to his overall health.

chris mocko
Chris Mocko at Western States Endurance Run 2016

Finally, we discus his dating life, his public courting of Amelia Boone, and just what may go down at Applebees in late June.  This was a fun interview with a guy I think we’ll be seeing more of. 

chris mock
Chris Mocko at Way Too Cool 2017


Chris Mocko Social Media

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chris mocko
Leading the Marin Ultra Challenge 2017.


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Chris Mocko Episode Notes

Here’s Chris’ blog.

These are the NormaTec boots Chris was talking about.

Here’s the trail camp I’m going to this weekend.

Outro music by Matt Flaherty. Here’s our interview with Matt.

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