Chris Solarz Interview

Chris Solarz – Ultramarathons, stairs, triathlons, pub crawls, streaking, and more!

Chris Solarz is one of those guys who’s figured out what’s important in life, worked hard, prioritized his passions, and is pushing pushing pushing for more.

Chris Solarz
Chris and his wife Bea at the Mt. Everest Marathon in October 2011. That is Kangchenjunga in the background, the third highest mountain in the world.

Having just returned from the UltraMan competition in Florida, Chris and I chat about his life in endurance sports (road, trail, ultra, stairs, triathlon, swim, etc) and why he’s do drawn to them. Is it the physical nature, the camaraderie, or something else? Does he take on these pursuits lightly, or does he put 100% of himself into each one? Neither, actually.

Chris Solarz Antarctica
Chris coming in 2nd place at the Antarctica Marathon (3:32) on King George Island.

Chris has set six Guinness World Records, including one for total combined time for marathons on all seven continents, one for the number of stairs climbed in 12 hours, the most bars visited in 24 hours, and more. We get into the details of each and I learn that it’s not just the physical feat, but the Guinness paperwork and documentation that’s the real challenge!

Chris with his wife Bea in the elevator during WR stair climb.
Chris with his wife Bea in the elevator during WR stair climb. Best aid station EVER!

And as something that’s plagued many of us, we talk about how he balances his busy job as a hedge fund analyst in NYC, his family (wife and 2 kids), his travel, and his running (100 miles/week for five years!), and Chris gets into the details of how the heck he does it.

Definitely a fun interview. Enjoy!

Chris Solarz linked marathon.
Chris and buddies finish the WR for the fastest linked marathon.

Chris Solarz Episode Notes:

Here’s the UltraMan website

Here’s the Eliptigo website.  I’ll release a more thorough review soon.

Here’s another article on Chris.

And here’s the Modern Seinfeld Twitter feed we were talking about.

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