Chuck Radford – Blind Perseverance at RRR100

Chuck Radford Interview – Blind Perseverance at Run Rabbit Run 100

Sometimes you go into a race with a certain goal and you cross the finish line in decent condition after hitting your mark.  Sometimes runners DNF after a tough few hours on the course. Sometimes you go into a race underprepared and drag themselves to the finish line.  And then there are people like Chuck Radford.

chuck radford
Chuck Radford at LT100 finish, 2015.


Without giving too much away, Chuck went into Run Rabbit Run 100 with big goals and solid training, but faced some serious health problems about half way through that got progressively worse until he was advised to DNF at mile 70.  He didn’t. Instead he dismantled the course piece by piece and made it to the finish line under some extreme circumstances.  Next time you want to DNF, remember what you heard in this interview.

chuck radford
Chuck Radford finishing Leadville Trail Marathon with his kids.

You’ll have to listen to his incredible report to hear how it all went down, but you can rightly assume it filled with grit, perseverance, passion, and a healthy dose of humor.

Chuck Radford
Chuck Radford Backcountry Half Marathon

I also talk with Chuck Radford about life balance, his relatively short weekly mileage, kids, pain thresholds, race planning and pacing duties at Leadville, and his quest to get into The Big Dance at Western States 100.

chuck radford
Chuck and a Gremlin.

Chuck Radford Episode Notes

Chuck is am ambassador for Fuel 100 Electro Bites.

Here’s the physical therapist he mentioned: Brad Schoenthaler with Sports Rehab Consulting.

Here’s our interview with Chuck’s friend Wyatt Hornsby from four years ago.

Follow Chuck on the twitter machine right here.

Outro music by Matt Flaherty. Check it out here.


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