Clint Welch Interview | From Rodeos to Running

Clint Welch grew up playing football and riding bareback rodeo in California’s Central Valley and Texas. He also ran with his mom occasionally through childhood, but that bug ultimately caught up with him and now he’s an accomplished ultramarathon runner with numerous hundred milers under his belt.

So how’d that transition happen? And what inspired him to start coaching a kids XC team? In this interview we talk about the vibe of the MUT scene, the importance of a supportive partner, the fun times at Born to Run events, and the heartbreak of DNFing at the biggest race of his life.

Clint Welch Episode Notes

Sac Valley Endurance


That skate rock in Tahoe – Gotta keep it on the DL, sorry.

Folsom Lake Ultra Trail

Yeti 100

The Born to Run Ultra is organized by Luis Escobar/AllWeDoIsRun.

Music (intro and outro) used with permission from David Rosales

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