Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp Belgian IPA


Poured an orange copper that is deeper than most IPAs. Had a fair amount of head, but many of my beers this weekend were uncharacteristically head-y, possible due to drinking at altitude?

clown shoes bottle and glassSmell

Citrus and sweet. Nice that it didn’t blow me away with bushels of hop bombs.  Quite a bit of the Belgian spice we’ve come to love…bananas, spices, malts.  Belgian malts were funky, but not too funky.


Definite orange and citrus zest, but the hops really come through giving this a surprise IPA angle that wasn’t as strong in the smell.   More IPA than Belgian, but still relatively low bitters.


I think I paid about $14 for a 750mL. 7% ABV.

Brewed in Ipswich, Massachusettes. I also reviewed their Clown Slayer IAS right here.

Final Thoughts

Good beer. Didn’t blow me away for the price, but definitely a solid take on a Belgian IPA that I’d recommend as a good representation of this hybrid style.

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