Colleen and Chris – A Family Affair to the Starting Line at Western States 100, Part One

Colleen and Chris and Their Journey to Western States

All Trails Lead to Auburn, but everyone has their own journey to the starting line in Squaw Valley.  While some earned Golden Tickets, others nabbed a sponsor spot or finished top 10 last year.  Colleen and Chris, two siblings from Northern California, had their own special journey of gaining entry to Western States Endurance Run.  Who’s good at math here? What are the odds of two siblings getting drawn in the lottery in the same year?

colleen chris western states
Colleen and Chris in Squaw Valley, twelve hours before the start of Western States.

I recorded this interview twelve hours before the start of the race after hearing briefly about their story, then allowed them to fill in all the details about their running, family, tragedy, and feelings and expectations as they get ready for The Big Dance. Their story is very relatable and touching and I’m anxious to record part two.

In a few days I’ll release the follow-up where we’ll talk about how the race went.  Stay tuned.

Colleen and Chris at Western States Episode Notes

Outro music by Matt Flaherty

Thanks to the Oasis Bar at Squaw Valley for not kicking us out while recording this episode.


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