Colleen and Chris, Part 2. Their Western States Race Report

Colleen and Chris, Part 2 – Their Western States Race Report

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One week ago, I sat down with siblings Colleen and Chris in a vacant bar in Squaw Valley and listened to siblings’ Colleen and Chris tell an incredible tale of how they found themselves at the starting line of the Western States Endurance Run.  The odds of two lottery tickets, family tragedy, a dead body in a park, a preemie baby all played parts in their story.  You can find that episode here.

colleen chris western states
River crossing at night.

This episode is part 2.  I caught up with Colleen and Chris and they shared their story about the race. Did they stick together? How did their diet and pace plans work out? Could they “feel” the cutoffs? And why the heck is Colleen so mad at Timothy Olson?

chris colleen western states
Colleen and Chris approaching the Placer High Track, 300 yards from finish.

Chris and Colleen’s Western States Episode Notes

Outro music by Matt Flaherty. Find all of his tunes right here.



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