Coree Woltering Interview

Coree Woltering Interview

Coree WolteringCoree Woltering recently came onto my radar after winning a small 50k in Ohio by over 40 minutes.  Who is this guy, and what’s he all about?

Coree Woltering Malibu Canyon 50k
Coree Woltering at Malibu Canyon 50k

Turns out Coree has been running his whole life, but just in the past few years started with trail ultramarathons after a friend asked him to pace at Leadville.  Coree was hooked and though he’s learned some valuable lessons along the way, has been tearing up the trails from Colorado to California ever since.  Of course, he’s still competing in road and track races too!

Coree Woltering on the track
Coree Woltering on the track

We talk about altitude, mistakes, lessons, steroids, racial diversity, beer, and a whole lot more.  Coree is a fun guy with a strong work ethic

Ancient RedwoodCoree Woltering Episode Notes:

Episode sponsored by the Ancient Redwoods Running Festival on May 21. Check it out!

Here’s Coree’s blog and here’s his twitter page.

Here’s the Down to Run website.

Here’s the shoe review for the Montrail Trans Alps.

Here’s the link to the phone case I talked about.

Outro track Close to You by The 88s.

Why my voice sounds robotic, I have no idea. Working on a fix though.


Coree Woltering at Rocky Mtn Highest Half
Coree Woltering at Rocky Mtn Highest Half

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