Crazy Mountain Amber Ale

This is the second installation of non-California craft beers sold in cans.

IMG_2399I generally like ambers, and a “craft” beer I can pick up for $1.99 is especially appealing.  Let’s see how this beer from Crazy Mountain Brewery in Vail, Colorado held up.

Pour: Nice amber, blood orange, and red beer poured with a billowy head that stuck around for awhile.

Smell: Strongest quality was hops, but I also picked up traces of fudge and citrus. Nothing stood out.

Taste: This was a much hoppier (though still medium bodied) amber than I’m used to.  In a blind test, I would have guessed it was from California with the hop-forward profile.  An amber-light fudge maltiness attempted to balance it out, but it fell short.  Not very impressed with this beer. Reminded me of Fat Tire. Not bad, just unremarkable.

Would I drink it again? Sure.

Would I buy it again? Nah, I’d try something different.

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