Daily News and Calendar, Fri, Mar 21

Craig Thornely asks the big question: Can’t we all (old school and new school alike) just get along?

Fourteen races in Maine that put fun in front of run.

…or here’s a new format where you run on a road and literally get chased by a car. Sounds interesting.

Awesome: Kara Goucher signs with Oiselle.

If you heard our interview with Badwater RD Chris Kostman, you heard all about Badwater Cape Fear on the East Coast. Track it live here.

Pay attention to the small things in your running routine.

Tropical John discusses why rules (and common sense) are both necessary to our sport.

Yep: Running as therapy.

This is minimalist running.

What?!? A list of female athletes who’ve “battled men on their turf” and no mention of Ann Trason? Are you kidding me?

Another week in the life of Joe Grant. Running, climbing, Anton, beer…

Emelie Forsberg’s 2014 race calendar.

How do you train to run up Mt. Everest if you live in Israel?  Also a great point about people coming together as runners.

OK, No Ultra Content at all, but this is beautiful and awesome.

Here’s a great piece on what it’s like being married to an ultrarunner.

Interesting and dare I say, cool?  Perform better and recover faster by cooling specific parts of your hands. Hey, it’s science.

And yikes, check out this packed calendar!


Weekend Calendar

….and I’m recording 5 interviews this weekend for a fun Lake Sonoma preview show I’m doing with the guys from ultrasportslive.tv   Stay tuned!


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