Daily News and Calendar, Fri, Sep 26

The importance of traction on MUT shoes. I’m surprised the Icebug Acceleritas2 isn’t on that list. That thing is like a cleat.

How to deal with Plantar Fasciitis: Two methods from two different takes on the same study.

Didya hear our new podcast with Nickademus Hollon? Definitely an amazing race report from Tor des Geants, and he clears up the DQ story on Francesca Canepa.  Some other good quick stories from the race right here.

Updates from the Grand to Grand ultra. Co-host Sarah Lavender Smith is in 2nd for females.

DC Runners: What the hell? Anyone familiar with this runner?

Ten fast facts about Sunday’s Berlin Marathon and what/who to look for there.

1396_112_ucpLessons learned from serial racing.

Only half of you will understand this: Why Kathy is running through perimenopause.

Top ten trails in Minnesota, though many of them appear to be paved. (link fixed.)

Bike shops are adding beer, too.

The Spartathlon tracking site has been down most of the morning, but from what I can tell, Jon Olsen is in 5th overall.

Cool story: The woman who walked 10,000 miles in three years.

A survival guide to the grossest things about running.

Guys, do you run shirtless?


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