Daily News and Calendar, Friday, Jan 16

Read this: Speedgoat’s guide to ultra longevity.  

I’ve always wanted to visit South Africa, now I really have a reason. Look at those trails! All accessible from the city!

I may be new to the treadmill, but still know not to run backwards on the thing.

This week in science: Distance running can be bad for you.

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This guy ran over 100 marathons last year–all barefoot–and sent a ton of shoes to his native Philippines.

Good tips for uphill running.

Want to read an intense scientific paper on what elite runners do on their downtime? It’s certainly not fun reading, but some might find it interesting.

And yet another reason I really need to move to New Zealand.

Can compression gear enhance your workout?

Leadville lottery results went out yesterday. If you’re not sure, check your status here.

Pearls of wisdom and a mini race report from Traci Falbo.

…and here’s Kelsie’s report from the race. She’s a 20yo up and comer and is learning lessons like we all do.

Interesting read and pics of women’s bodies. The great thing about running is that really any of these women could be successful in our sport. The same couldn’t be said for most others.

Your next cover boy: Patrick Sweeney.

How this guy from Minnesota totally dominated the Africans at World XC champs in Scotland.

Awesome pic collection from the Dawn Wall ascent. Wow!

It’ll be interesting to watch this guy’s progress, as he attempts to break an OLD record for most miles ridden in a year. How many daily miles do you guess he’ll have to cover? Nope, higher.


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