Daily News and Calendar, Friday, January 23

Read this: The burden of self-improvement. Stop freaking out about all the little stuff and focus on what matters.

Making these today after Kindergarten: Home made energy bars.

Interesting: The correlation between brain strength and physical endurance.  I’m anxious to see the results from the elite study.

So you want to be a professional adventurer? Start here.

Speaking of adventurers, I believe this little-known French woman from the 19th century is my favorite. What a badass!

Aside from the cost, 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days sounds like fun. This guy is almost done.

He trained to go sub 3, tried to back out of it, got slapped around by his wife, and ended up killing it on the trails. Great report!

Kathy’s ten tips for sustainable running.

This guy’s progression from smoker to super fast marathoner to winner of the Ant-freakin-arctica 100k has been pretty awesome.

I’m obsessed with improving my downhill speed and abilities, and Henry does a great job analyzing it all.

Aah John, ya can’t leave it there! So what did you find? Which trail did you take?

The letsrun braintrust analyzes Sage’s training regimen, he responds, and the conversation changes quickly.

He doesn’t like running, but he does it every day because he knows he needs it.  Good stuff from the No Meat Athlete.

AJW taking some strategic time off from running to reboot. Good choice…and great choice in beer. That pilsner is awesome.

Ten things she learned while running a hundred miles. I didn’t know armadillos could hop either.

I want this shoe and I want it now.  Boost is awesome, and this thing looks like it’d be fine on light trails. Any of you industry folks tried it yet?

Surprise at Dubai! The win goes to a near rookie who PRed by a few minutes and grabbed the biggest prize in marathon majors after Bekele DNFs. Cool.

I really want to go to Utah and hit the trails with Cory and his dog Aunt Jackie.

When Scotty and I first heard about skimo, these California boys thought it was some sort of new music.  Nope, it’s just one of the best workouts you can do to improve your trail running.

Cool video featuring individual stories at Across the Years.

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