Daily News and Weekend Calendar, Fri, Aug 22

My favorite running/philosophy blogger writes about the runnerss dissatisfaction.

Good stuff: How to think like an elite runner.

We were very fortunate to spot a very faint path, probably from goats, that we were able to follow until almost the saddle.  There we were presented with about a 20 foot vertical drop.  This would be a fully committing move; we could down climb the vertical face, but it may lead us to a terrain trap that would force us a significant amount of technical backtracking.

–Sweet! Luke and Jared’s Idaho 12ers FKT report.

While this guy climbed all 15 of California’s 14ers AND rode his bike between all of the trailheads. FKT info here. Wow!

NUC: Want to read a fascinating story about a guy who lived deep in the Maine forest for 27 years? h/t Michael.

Has the secret from the golf pro.  To your left is the secret for hill training.
Has the secret from the golf pro.
To your left is apparently the secret for hill training.

This week in science: Running is good for your heart.

And hey, don’t miss out on this BOA contest. The prize? Boa lacing system on any pair of shoes you want.

Shhhh! Want to know the secret to enjoyable uphill training?

Mike Aish’s Leadville report. Check out the “Water Bottles” section at the end of his report.  Share this post and I’ll choose two who’ll receive free Simple bottles.

And here’s Mike’s podcast with Tim and Gary on ET.

OK, so what exactly is EPO and how does it work?

I hope UROC has some really really really really really good trail markers for this course. Oy.

The painful truth about running fast: How to turn an ultrarunner into a marathoner.

T&F: Jenny Simpson guts it out in the 1500 in Stockholm. Great finish!


Incomplete Weekend Calendar

The inaugural Mystery Ranch 50/50/100M in Montana. Hard to find a prettier part of the country. Anyone running this?

Bulldog 50k in SoCal is always a popular race. Coyotes, you in?

Green Lakes Endurance Run in NY.  I know nothing about this race.

Cascade Crest 100 in Washington. Ethan’s running it (first hundred in a decade) and I’m anxious to hear how he does.

Lean Horse 100 in South Dakota. Smooth trails and not much vert…great for a first timer (or someone like me!)

NJ 12 hour run in New Jersey. 1/2 mile loop.

Headlands 50k in Northern CA. Hmmm, could be a showdown between Jean Pommier and Lon Freeman.


I’ve got three covered, but if anyone can help compile/edit the Daily News for another day next week, I’d be grateful. I’ll be on a family vacation and balance is the theme right now!  Please contact me if you can help. Thanks.

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