Daily News and Weekend Calendar, Fri Oct 17

Funny stuff: Jenn Shelton writes about a 200 mile training week and naturally includes online dating, a burning crotch, and alcohol.

The 25 most influential people in Colorado running.

Is all of our technology causing us to cry wolf in the backcountry?  You know what keeps me safe? Knowing that people have been lost or injured and either persevered or sustained injury, and that I don’t want to be one of those people.

Bill Murray is one of my favorite actors/comedians. Watch him “train” for a marathon.

Call for nominations for USATF MUT Runner of the Year awards.

Heading into the woods for some introspection. But wait, am I allowed to run?

Will someone please convince Leor to quit his attorney gig and become a full time trail guide?

What do Krar, Frosty, Sage, Sally, and Ian eat for breakfast? What did you eat?

Rad new timing app from Mark at Ultrasignup.  Only for google now, but iOS is on its way.

Getting hit by a bus didn’t stop this guy from running. Great story!

Guillaume ran some killer trails around the US and captured them all on film. Check out this awesome collection.

Wow! Max hiked, ran, and packed for three days through the Trinity Alps. Here’s the report.

I especially like reading race reports from runners who also coach. Here’s a good one.

Did you see our review of the new Brooks PureGrit 3? Light, low, and a killer tread, we’ll be publishing the female review next week.

This fella is running a marathon a day for a year, but Guiness won’t certify it as a WR. Anyone know why?

Bike accessories don’t usually interest me, but I was strongly drawn to this one.

Weekend Calendar – Tons of 50ks this weekend!


What are you running this weekend? Race? Run?


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