Daily News and Weekend Calendar, Fri, Oct 24

Thanks a lot, lady.  Your art is not appreciated.

Fifteen pieces of semi-wisdom from her first hundred miler.

Two types of runners…which are you?

Didya hear the new podcast with Rainshadow Running’s James Varner? James is putting on a film festival dedicated to trailrunning and I pick his brain about the whole event. We also cover selling bibs, pacing, and a whole host of other topics.

Max’s report from the Hasetsune in Japan…the biggest badass race you’ve never heard of.  We learn why Amy Sproston is not to be trusted with race previews.

Man, I was proud of my family for having four of run marathons.  This is impressive.

If you run in grizzly county, you may or may not want to read this. Whoa, what a story!

Check out this comprehensive comparison of sports drinks. (PDF Download)

Read this: Some solid inspiration for your next 100. Number 8 is mucho important.  h/t Ryan T.

…then watch this. Singletrack unicycling is rad.

Meet Kurt from Minnesota…a 2:40 marathoner who’s turned to trail ultras instead.

Pretty good first timer advice from The Telegraph.

Good race report from Whoo’s in El Moro 50k female champ.

AJW (‘s son) presents some ideas for the future of the sport.  Some are great…some are too complex for me.

Which state has the most ultra finishes, as percent of the population?

Quirky video preview of the Bigfoot200, the first point to point 200 in the US.


Weekend Calendar – Random observation: Loops abound!



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