Daily News and Weekend MUT Calendar, Fri, Nov 7

Another person to make our sport even more interesting. MMA pro turned mountain runner Kyle Dietz.

Read this: When 99 is more than 100. Who do you compare yourself to?

100k World Championships are two weeks from today in Qatar. Check out the US team. Wow!

Lotteries are the worst! (Except for all other options.)

Vote for MUT Runner of the Year right here.

Check this out: What words make you dig deep? 

With all the talk about attracting big sponsors to races, this article raises some questions. If corporate sponsors freak out about glitches at road races, imagine the issues they’ll have with MUT events.

Here’s a new race review site. The guy running it is giving $1 to Team RWB for each person who registers and leaves a race rave/review between now and Veterans Day. He’s also giving away a free pair of TNF Ultra Trails to one of the first 30 people who create a profile.

We’ve been singing the praise of Sonoma and Napa County beer for years. Fortune Magazine is now catching up.

Another insane/impressive Iditarod story from Jill and Beat.

New gear for that super-cold run where there’s a chance you’ll pass out on the trail? (Oh, and you’ve got a hankering to dress like a superhero?)

Why doping makes it hard to be a fan.

Alex Varner’s NYC Marathon report. Maybe I didn’t read right, but the elites run a different course than everyone else at the start? Can someone clarify?

This guy has a degenerative eye disease that’s causing him to go blind, but he keeps running trail ultras. Stud!

Four trail beards you’ll want to fondle. Nope.


Weekend Calendar

  • Rio Del Lago 100 in Granite Bay, CA. Covering much of the last 15 miles of the WS course (and this year with great weather), this’ll be fun to watch.
  • Upchuck 50, part of the Rock/Creek Trail Series.  No first timers allowed.
  • Rhode Island’s only ultra: The RI Six Hour.  Winners get beer, new records get cash, and the after party is at a pub.
  • Bootlegger 50k in Southern Nevada.  $1,000 prize money by RD Ian Torrence.  Is this his first event with prize money?
  • Rockledge Rumble 50k in Texas.
  • Owen Putnam State Forest 50/50 in Indiana.  Claims to be the toughest race in Indiana, but the profile doesn’t seem very challenging.  Maybe Indiana’s flatter than I thought.
  • Lake Chabot 50k near San Francisco, CA.  Should be great weather on fun trails.
  • Stone Cat 50M in Ipswich, MI. Four loops on single track, but the race is sold out, so they must be doing something right!
  • Paris Mountain 50/50 in…South Carolina? (another race site where location is not clearly stated on front page.)  RD trying to cut registration fees by runners donating food. I like the idea!
  • Icarus Florida Ultra Fest. Thirteen distances ranging from three hours to a six day race.
  • Chino Hills 50k in SoCal.  Looks like a fun course on a trail system I didn’t know about.
  • Sky to Summit 50k in Georgia. Promising to be the most scenic 50k on the East Coast with waterfalls, water crossings, summits, and views…who’s doing it?
  • Rosaryville Veteran’s Day 50k in Maryland. Loop course through the deep woods on singletrack.  No headphones allowed, but it’s only $40.
  • Peachtree City 50k in Georgia. Lots o’ loops on a golf cart roads, but it sounds fast.

Now go out and run.


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