Daily News and Weekend MUT Calendar, Nov 21

Ian discusses the importance of an off season.

…because you don’t want to be overtrained. How to deal with adrenal fatigue.

Recovery: Ten days after a tough 24 hour race.

Ha! How to deal with missing toenails. Or you could fully embrace it and send a pic to me for the Hall of Fame.

This girl will be fun to watch. She’s only 17, but she’s got leg speed, she’s a XC champ, she lives in Alaska, and she won the Mt Marathon junior event outright—beating out all the guys.  Keep an eye on Alle Ostrander. h/t Brandon

Ah, Alaska.

I released a new podcast yesterday of two interviews while at trail running camp. Ford Smith is 18, Roy Pirrung is 66. Both have storied careers and fun tales to tell. I sure hope to see Ford at TheNorthFace in December. Come on Mom and Dad!

How did Nickademus do at the World’s Toughest Mudder?

Eight simple tips about taking on your first MUT race.

The Western States Organization is attempting to purchase a section of land to ensure the course is not changed due to property ownership issues. Find out more and help here.

I wonder if my old skateboard will fit onto my hydration pack? This looks awesome.  I consulted with Leor and it turns out this isn’t “deep in the Sierras”, but then again I suppose it’s all relative…

You can now stalk Kilian on Strava.

Have men reached the limits of running? Certainly not in the MUT world.

Glutes or feet? What’s causing your running injuries?

Volunteers keep runners going at JFK.


Weekend Calendar

  • Ultracentric is under way in Grapevine, Texas. I didn’t realize the race was still going on after the Jurek incident a few years ago.
  • Azalea 24 hour in NE Florida. Two mile asphalt loop that’s beautiful but deceptively tough.
  • Tranquility Trails 50k on the rooty and messy singletrack trails of Alabama.
  • Big Cedar 50/50/100 in Texas.
  • World 100k champs in Qatar. Max, Meghan, Zach (2), Ellie, Mike, Pam, Emily, Larissa… Results will be here and this site will have three cameras set up.  It’s a ridiculously loopy course, so the camera shots will always be interesting.
  • Low Country 50k on a golf course in South Carolina.
  • Duncan Ridge Trail 50k in Georgia. 10k’+ of elevation gain sounds pretty tough.
  • Crooked Road 24 hour ultra on a ~1 mile loop park.

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