Daily News, Cinco de Mayo Edition!

Wow, Born to Run es de cinco anos.  Here are our interviews with Barefoot Ted, Chris McDougall, Jenn Shelton, and Scott Jurek.  Where do you think this sport would be without that book? Although many of the book’s trends have passed (Vibrams, Chia, etc), it still has a significant impact, right?

Another great race video from the Ginger Runner. This time: El Marathon de Big Sur.

Ay ay ay, este corredor fue pisoteado por los toros

Yoga recuperacion for runners.

Jean’s race report from Miwok. Tiene cincuenta años y terminó tercero. And a huge win for Gary El Estadistico Gellin! Nice work!  Results here.

NUC, if Skechers is exploring a bid to buy The LA Clippers, who not have HOKA in, too? That way the players would be over eight feet tall!

Should you run straight up, or zigzag steep mountains ascents? No una respuesta tan fácil.

What’s the best protein to consume after a workout? La cerveza tiene proteína, ¿verdad?

Speaking of beer…¿Dónde puedo beber cerveza fuera desnudo?

NUC, but here are different breakfasts en todo el mundo. I don’t see coffee listed anywhere, and that’s about as universal as it gets.

Coaching…es correcto para usted?

And a big muchos gracias to google translate for helping me get through this. I learned much of my Spanish in kitchens or through friends and speak it (although I think most of it’s pretty dirty and I even do that poorly) better than I write it.



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