Daily News Dec 31

Scott Dunlap‘s Year in Review. Yeah, I’m jealous.

Top 10 off-season tips for runners.

The Angry Jogger’s risk assessment of people he encounters on his runs. Luckily, us trail folk just have deal with wild animals.

Anton’s report on climbing 10 Flatirons.

This gal is going to swim from Cuba to Florida, sans shark cage.

Lauren Fleshmen is leaving Nike. Hope Picky Bars sticks around…those things are delicious.

Speaking of T&F, David Rudisha wins the Performance of the Year for his record-setting 800m at the Olympics.

Footfeathers’ Year in Review.

So do you like the new site? We were just renting the last place, but we’re here to stay. Please, let us know if you encounter any issues or glitches. Thanks!

There’s a whole bunch of people running laps in Arizona right now. One of these years I’ll make it down to Across the Years.

Top three most disappointing running shoes of the year.

Athletics Kenya has got its hands full. Between PEDs, deaths, and now RDs not paying prize money, those folks have got a loooong year ahead of them. Bonus: Article includes the word razzmatazz.

What would be better for the country’s health? Driving one mile less per day, or eating 100 less calories each day? The Sweat Science Guy is on the case!

UnknownIt’s the last day of the year. Did you hit all of your goals? What’s your MUT goal for 2013?





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