Daily News, Feb. 4, 2014

Thanks and kudos to ultrasportslive.tv and irunfar.com for great coverage of RR100, allowing those of us who couldn’t be there to enjoy.

And did You see the preview mag from EnduranceBuzz.com? More cowbell indeed!

Among those who got their their tickets punched for the “Super Bowl of ultrarunning” this weekend are Steve Speirs  4th overall at Rocky (and first Masters, at age 47), Sally McRae, 2nd female at Sean O’Brien 50 and Mike Aish, 2nd at SOB50.

How did Liza Howard spend her birthday? As any ultrarunner would….(I saw a lot of Team RWB runners at RR100 via the live feed).

According to the RT/RW Trail/Ultra Roundup Bev Abbs “smoked all comers” at the Jed Smith Ultra Classic 50 miler. Love seeing more and more talented Masters runners (and female Masters) taking overalls….

Mike Wardian is leading the Costa Rica Challenge by 3 minutes, with Vicete Juan Garcia Beneito in 2nd and Nick Clark in 3rd by 1 second. Gorgeous photos coming from Ian Corless, but nothing he can do to make profiles like today’s less ugly.

If skyrunning doesn’t give you enough altitude, there was just an ultra that started with a skydive. Maybe next year (not!).

Some great-looking new trail & ultra races in 2014 – one includes vegan race and recovery food.

Congrats to Meghan Arbogast on her 7th place at Sean O’Brien 50! By the way, the Queen is solo RD’ing Waldo….registration opens 3/1.

More companies are starting to sponsor American trail and ultrarunners – but are they sponsoring American female ultrarunners? Interesting comments thread.

Didn’t know Joe Fejes had extensor/sheath tendinitis for most of his 6 day ATY 555.35 mile win over YK (I’ve had that, can’t believe he was able to keep going!) – or that his regular AND race diet is fast food…can’t argue with the results though. (2:25:20 in)

Proposed dates and locations for 2015 IAU World Trail and 24h Championships (2014 is still in work2)

Quick primer on running the Grand Canyon

Imagine what the ultra version of this would be like!  How about a short trail version, Coyote Style? (h/t Jimmie Dean Freeman and the So Cal Coyotes at Coyote Running)

NUC XC race in Italy that goes up stairs in water mills, over cobblestone roads and through muddy chicken farms.

Speaking of XC, should it be added to the 2018 winter Olympics? Would you watch?

PRP therapy – have you had it? Would you?

Unless you’re running 7:09 or faster per mile, you don’t need to set the incline on a treadmill to 1% – and other treadmill myths debunked.

Help a Masters miler find the woman who may have saved his life in 1973.

Coaches make the same mistakes as regular runners – with similar results

And you thought ultrarunners were getting younger? (like 18 year old Rocky third place winner Jared Hazen at Rocky) … Half marathon world record broken by triathlete in his first half marathon. He next plans to do more spring triathlons to get ready to break a triathlon record – and he wants to start wrestling. Oh, and he turned 7 the day after the half (he’s in first grade)….

Eye candy from the Bureau of Land Management


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