Daily News, Fri, Apr 11

Watch live coverage of Lake Sonoma tomorrow on ultrasportslive.tv.  There’ll be five cameras set out on the course capturing the race as it happens. Weather should be slightly overcast and 72deg.

And now that you’ve heard all of our preview interviews and read the odds, hop on over and enter the Prediction Contest. First prize gets race entries, Montrail gear, a chance to book anyone you want on URP, a new Victory drop bag, and more.

This guy recorded his run at Brazil 135.

Lessons for fueling long runs.

Ah, the big question…how to balance life and running.

Tragic: Hey, listen up.  At least keep one ear open so you don’t get hit by a train.

This pic is floating around the intrawebs of a new race in the Canary Islands. Start on the beach and run to the top of a huge mountain. Looks beautiful!

When a DNF turns into an awesome 4×4 dune buggy ride.

Didya see our review of running bras? Bethany tries out five styles and let’s you know what she thinks.

As the Marathon de Sables is under way (go Nikki!), here are ten other Mid East ultras to get ya thinking.

Hey, didya hear our new interview with Zach Miller? Zach’s the dude who lives on a cruise ship and ran his first 50 miler at JFK last year…and won it.

Mario Mendoza won’t be at Sonoma (calf strain), but here’s his Gorge Waterfalls race report, complete with a picture of Taylor Swift to break up the monotony (in what is actually a very succinct report.)

Samantha Gash talks about the Four Desert Grand Slam.  Change it to the Four Dessert Grand Slam and I’d be a happy guy. Sounds delicious.

Three painless ways to start eating right when nothing else will work.

Gotta cut it short today.  Gotta get ready for this weekend (and get a run in of my own this morning!)

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