Daily News, Fri Apr 12

Be prepared to pay more for running shoes.

Next extreme sport: Ultraclimbing?

Are there trails in San Francisco? You bet! And Rickey Gates’ video proves it.

…and did you think there was rock climbing in Rio?

603987_379741572141510_1694499088_nWant to know what Tim Olson eats?

iRunFar will be covering Lake Sonoma tomorrow. And hey, you’ve got until noon PST today to enter the LS50 prediction contest. I’ve peeked at the entries and there’s a certain runner from Oregon who’s heavily favored to win. Predict the winners and bag some prizes from URP, Inside Trail Racing, San Francisco Running Company, Mauka Running, Victory Sportdesign, and Marathon Morning. One lucky (semi-local) person will win the chance to have Victor Ballesteros pace them at the race of their choosing. You won’t DNF, trust me.

Speaking of deep fields, why was the 1983 Boston Marathon so deep?

Does anyone have a ride from the Best Western (host hotel) to the race start? I’ll have a ride back. If so, shoot me an email at [email protected]. Thanks!

I reported last week that the Goldrush 100k was in jeopardy of losing its permit due to some issues with equestrians. Some runners (including this one) went to the Board of Supervisors meeting, made our case, and the permit is intact. The race will go on!

Check out this app for the state parks in Pennsylvania. Looks pretty cool. Two thoughts: One, wish California had one, and two, pocket ranger sounds dirty for some reason. h/t to Melissa for this.

Here’s a fun post on what it’d take to run a 1:30 marathon.

Follow this beginner on her quest for a hundo. Hope she makes it!

Five things that could save your next race. Pickle juice?

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