Daily News, Fri, Apr 18

Great video from Lake Sonoma that really puts you on the trails with the top guys and gals.

What is our equivalent of the “stoke factor?”

Ten best jobs for trail runners. (apparently I’m supposed to be making a living at this? If any internet mktg folks have any ideas for me, drop me a line, will ya? Thanks.)

Post-Sonoma brew and beard talk.
Post-Sonoma brew and beard talk.

How quickly can I get back into race shape?

Maybe this’ll help: Eight classic bike climbs in the US.

…and here’s a list of Britain’s highest mountains.

Summer beer run round up! (on a side note, that Maharaj IPA from Avery Brewing is incredible!)

Nine bad habits runners need to stop doing.

Ahh, the North Korean Marathon...”Don’t worry about not having photos, we have men to shoot you…”

Dean found a dog to run with (while my “smart” breed can’t figure out how to pace himself for more than a mile.)

Vanessa asks: Is commercialization a threat to the purity of trail running?

…while Lauren reacts to the Nike/USATF deal with this (via Twitter): “If you’re going to sell the marketing rights to the athletes’ bodies, it would be nice to include us in the conversation.”

Alex Varner’s debut 50 mile race report. (He’s got Boston Marathon on Monday…where he ran a 2:21 last year.)

…and Bob Shebest’s report from Sonoma about the power of knowing someone is chasing you and using that to light a fire.

…and JB Benna’s video from race day. Great stuff!

Call me careless, but unless I’m going on a long solo jaunt, I’m not packing all of this stuff.

Has the MUT community reached “peak beard” yet? Check out Sonoma. Miller? Nope. Krar? Yes. Sage? Nope. Varner? Nope. Laney? Only a ‘stache.  Ghelfi? Pretty much. Max? Nope. Rydman? Newly shaved…

NUC, but a lot of time it takes us doing something extraordinary to get the job done.

Dax’s 50k training plan.

Fun post on the insanity that is Barkley.

…speaking of Barkley, Laz talks about getting the habit of running every day.

And I’m not ignoring Boston, but if you’re looking for stories on one year later, turn on the TV and they’re on a loop.

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