Daily News, Fri Apr 19

The Angry Jogger writes a note to himself to motivate him to run more.

What’s it like near the front? Jacob Rydman’s LS50 race report.

Lizzy Hawker is going for her own record again. One tough chick!

Good stuff: The Religion of Running Technique

Anyone else running Mt Diablo 50k tomorrow? Not sure my legs are ready for the vert, but let’s see how they do!

Check out this tiny emergency beacon.

The Western States bib #s are out.

Craziness in Boston again. I won’t even provide a link because if ya can’t find news on it I can’t help you.


From an RD perspective, what in the world is the BAA going to do in terms of entries next year?Boston has a finite field (~26k) with automatic entries and increasingly tight restrictions for everyone else. About 6k people didn’t finish this year. Will they be given automatic entries? I’m also assuming interest will be at an ironic all-time high. It’ll be interesting…

Speaking of Boston, Helen reports that Zion100 runners are carrying relay batons with the names of the deceased and severely wounded on their trek. They’ll be running with them in spirit, for sure.

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