Daily News, Fri, Apr 25

Must-do Rocky Mountain trail runs.

Max writes about his race in Chile (at 16k’) and a crazy sports-oriented mall that is now on my list of indoor places I want to visit.

Ugh. Achilles Tendonitis. What worked for me: Higher drop shoes, stretching, and temporary reduction of miles.

Interesting: A day in the life of Nick Symonds.

A European MUT runner’s musings on pacers and predators.

How often should you replace your running shoes? As a shoe reviewer it’s a tough question, but in general, I’d put in around 1k miles on a pair that I like.  Once my trail shoes lose their traction, they turn into road flats for me. You?

More shoe talk: The NB101 is coming back. Wow! I wore my 100s so much I literally ran through them.

NUC: Big George talks about doping.

A few (hundred) people bandited Boston, but social media is on a witch hunt for these four.  This guy has a different idea.

POV of a MTB race in RSA. Get that? How great would it be to see a trail race on that course?

How does alcohol effect athletic performance? OK, what if you use this method which mitigates the effect of beer?

You got a race this weekend? What and where?

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