Daily News, Fri, Apr 26

Leona Divide 50/50 is tomorrow. Have fun everyone!

Interesting: How can olympic weight lifting improve downhill running?

Timmy Olson’s Lake Sonoma race report. He’s also got a twingey nerve that we’ll all be paying attention to.

The Angry Jogger is in a slump and is not surprisingly pretty mad at himself.

Mike Morton has a new website. Check it out here.

Did you know there was a penalty tent in triathlon that’s used for riders who get busted for drafting? Glad we don’t have rules like that.

Has anyone ever run on Cyprus? It looks fantastic.

Here’s a quick post-Diablo Q&A that has some good lessons. (link fixed)

Huh? Coffee IPA? Here’s my review.

Stages of Plantar Fasciitis in runners. Knock on wood, never had it.

Catching up with Bill Iffrig, the guy who’s legs folded under him as the Boston explosion went off.  What a stud!

Speaking of Boston, this guy ran 78 miles and in doing so, raised $42k for Martin Richards’ family. Wow!

The ten best dog breeds for runners.

Q&A with urban hiker Liz Thomas.

UTMF has started! Unless you read Japanese, the site’s runner updates aren’t going to help. Here’s a video livestream that’s pretty entertaining.

AJW nails it in this column on not overdoing it. (note to self: read this over and over and over and over.)  He gets the beer selection right, too.

Shod running vs barefoot running discussion, part 1,281.

Altitude training: How much is enough?

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