Daily News, Fri, Apr 4

Really good writeup of Dakota Jones’ incredible Transvulcania win.

Interested in building a sled to tow across Alaska for 1k miles? How about the logistics of getting over $1k food to remote drops in the wilderness? Check out the new podcast with Beat Jegerlherner.

Speaking of crazy events, here’s a good intro to the sport of pedestrianism in the 19th century. Guys (no gals allowed) were walking 600 miles in 6 days…often in wool suits and top hats. OK, will someone bring back an event like this? I’d enter immediately.

This is a study that shows something to do with ultras, but honestly, I have absolutely no idea what it means.

List-o-rama: Ten of the most extreme adventures on earth.

This sounds like a really cool race in the UK. It’s for students, and looks more like a trail running event than a kids xc meet. Anyone ever done it?

You’ve got to check out Leor’s incredible list of adventure runs he’s considering for 2014. Wow, wow, and wow.

NUC: Alright, I’m sufficiently inspired to camp in a field tonight.

Long week for URP. Need to go runnin’. What are you running this weekend?

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