Daily News Fri April 5

Hiking/running the Continental Divide Trail.

Here’s a fun interview with Jez Bragg.

Hey Sacramento runners! The inaugural Goldrush 100k (slated for next month) is in jeopardy of losing its permit due to some complaints from an equestrian group regarding one small stretch of trail. If you’d like to help out with this, please visit our Facebook page for more information on what you can do to help. Thank You!

After doing a double Cal Int’l Marathon a few years ago, I’d be interested in doing a double San Francisco Marathon, but the idea of mandatory charity turns me off. Anyone else feel that way about mandatory trail work volunteerism?

NUC, but Chris does a great job articulating what it’s like being a parent…especially when things don’t go as you’d planned.  Anyone got a tissue? Must be the allergies in here.

Is a brisk walk healthier than running?

You’ve heard the term, but do you understand what lactate threshold training is?

Here’s one of those crazy inspirational “great moments” videosthat’ll get you ready for the weekend.

Here’s a fun infographic that shows what it takes to burn off your lunch at McDonalds.

This looks like a contest worth entering. Sponsored by Suunto and Salomon, it appears to be an all-expense paid trip to Tahoe for a Ragnar trail relay.

Speaking of contests, have you entered the Lake Sonoma prediction contest? Great prizes await!

Interesting: Updates on compression gear and block periodization training.

Umstead 100 starts tomorrow in Raleigh, NC. Have fun everyone!

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