Daily News, Fri, Aug 1

Ohmygod it’s August. Wow this year is flying by!

Ten inspiring ultra finishes. Be sure to check out the Brian Morrison video on #6.  How is that a runner up?

Sometimes when you show up to a hundred unprepared….great things can happen.

Bryce Canyon is special to me for many reasons.  One of those is the scenery…check out this gallery.

Nickademus zen #8: Go beyond your limits.

I’l be co-emceeing the Trailrunner Magazine Uphill Challenge at Outdoor Retailer next week. Two runners on treadmills at a 15% grade for 15 minutes.  Contestants include Max, Sage, Wardian, Browning, Nick, Jamil, Leslie Howlett, Jennilynn Eaton, and others. They’re still looking for quick gals, so if that’s you, let me know and I’ll get ya signed up.

Listen to this: How ultramarathons affect your heart, blood, and brain. h/t Melissa.

Hardrock? Pffft. The Ronda del Cims has 104 miles and 85 thousand damn feet of elevation gain change, complete with a section of “death scree.”  Here’s a great report with some killer pics.  My eyes hurt from the font/color combo, but not as bad as my legs hurt just reading about the course.

Speaking of difficult, Jill is grappling with some tough decisions right now while trying to keep her “forever pace” in check. Key graf:   And yet I have this dream … the dream of forever pace … the sweet spot where motion can persist and exploration doesn’t have to cease.”

IMG_2074.MOV   My daughter Sunny has apparently learned from me how to finish a downhill.

AJW’s post on Jedi master Tom Nielsen.

You can track the runners at AC100 right here.

I’m not going to get all hysterical about a buckle for a marathon-distance obstacle course, but this glowcomment (right) blew me away. I’m sorry, did he say glow in the dark medal?

If you need some inspiration for this weekend, here’s a quickie video of alpine trail running in Italy.

Some fancy running headphones. I use a set of squishy earbuds that have one side snipped off. Works great.

A husband’s perspective on his wife’s 100 miler.

Got hallucinations?


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