Daily News, Fri Aug 2

Good history lesson on Jim O’Brien’s AC100 record from AJW. Is there anyone capable of beating it?

In the High Country is now available for digital download. Find it here.

Are you motivated to win or to just avoid losing? Interesting stuff.

Sage’s Speedgoat race report involves a couple of moose.

Last year this guy couldn’t run 2 miles. Now he’s running the 163 mile PMC course in Massachussettes.

The No Meat Athete’s first hundo report.

How to train for your first 50k.

NUC, but check out tennis’ #1 player’s refrigerator. Yet another gluten-free elite athlete makes me believe this has got to be more than just a diet fad.

Where to work if you love the outdoors.

A history on the Canadian Death Race. Interesting stuff that permitting bodies should read.

That 6mile r/t is the hardest I’ve ever done. Ugh.

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