Daily News, Fri, Aug 23

Heard of Logan Polfuss? He’s a 17yo ultra phenom who’s enjoying the heck out his summer in Colorado.

…and the art of raising young ultrarunners.

Nick Clark’s Leadville report and reflections on how to improve the event.

…and Rod Bien has some excellent thoughts on how the event played out. Read the comment, too…especially Mackey’s.

My thoughts? Severely limit crews and pacers and tighten entry requirements.

Scott Dunlap’s recap of the Pike’s Peak Marathon and his time in Colorado. Naturally, some great pics, too.

Doping study of Track and Field athletes finds a whopping 45% had used PEDs in past year, but testing only revealed 2% of those.  Houston, we’ve got a problem.

The guys at trailandultrarunning.com give a solid review of a supplement used to replicate altitude training.  What’s the cost though? Has anyone else tried this?

Lean Horse and Cascade Crest start tomorrow in SD and Washington, respectively, while Tamalpa Headlands 50k will fill the trails in Northern California. Any big races on the East Coast?

A quick interview with URP friend Cath Todd.

We’re heading into the studio this weekend to interview two runners who’ve completed some audacious runs in the past few months. One’s male, the other female. One did it overseas, the other, domestically. One is an FKT on the trail, the other, an OKT.  Any guesses?



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