Daily News, Fri, Aug 30

Max cushion fat shoes are the trend for 2014.

Max cushion.
Max cushion?

AJW addresses the growth and impact of money in ultras. Good thoughts, but just like all discussions on this issue, unable to offer solutions.

…speaking of Leadville, here’s a great video on one man’s journey.

…and speaking of race organization, this is how they hydrate runners after a half marathon in Germany.

UTMB live coverage from iRunFar. Best in the business. Starts at 10:30 EDT.  Also #UTMB13

UTMB will be fun to watch, but I’ll also have my eyes glued to #353 in this race. Welcome back!

Get em while they last! URP Sip Sacs are still available. $12 for two koozies and a sticker.

Three little tips for better running form.

Shona Stephenson is running UTMB today with inspirational words all over her arms.  I want to see “before” and “after” pictures.

Realendurance.com is one of my favorite MUT calendar/data sites and they’ve recently updated their look.  Check it out for a TON of information.

Prince William and his Lady showed up at an ultra in the UK. Cool!

On ultrarunning and lactate threshold.  Hear our interview with Dean from last year right this way.

I hope to see some of you at Inside Trail’s Skirt and Dirt (or Stud n Mud) 50k tomorrow in the Oakland Hills.

How long before you see the benefits of a training session?

UROC is in one month with a killer cast of runners. Will Kilian be there to run?

Front page pic of UTMB start courtesy of Moses Lovstad.



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